Sugarlips Candy Company  
Located at  100 Sheldon Drive  Unit 35/36 Cambridge Ontario N1R 7S7    Tele:519-6202922 

                 British Candy . Old Fashioned Retro & Nostalgic Candy you ate as a child         


Liquidation of 
Pressed candies,as well as Candy filled wind-up toys.
We have over 40 different pressed candies to choose from , for many occasions.

Assorted candy filled toys - 16 units per box $8.00
Candy filled pencil sharpener boxes - 24 units per box $8.00
Friction construction trucks filled with candy - 12 units per box $12.00




 Pressed Candy Filled Toys

Pressed Candy
$2.00 per 1 Kg bag 
Box of 10 bags less 10% 

 Pressed Candy.
Ingredients: Sugar.Glucose Syrup, Malic Acid,Artificial flavours,Colours - FD&C Red#40.Yellow#6,Blue#1.
Nutritional Information: per 8 grams - Carbs 3% - Calories 29