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Discontinued Candy List

A list of candy products that are no longer available.

The manufacturers no longer making them.

(List credit The Candy Company )

10:30 Candy Bar
A & W Rootbeer Gum
Abba Zaba Chocolate
Adams Sour Apple/Sour Orange Gum
Apollo Candy
Baffle Bar
Bar None Candy Bar
Beech-nut Spearmint and Wintergreen
Big Buddy Bubble Gum
Big Mouth Sucker
Big Wad Bubble Gum
Black Cat Gum
Black Cow Sucker
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy (try French Chew Taffy)
Brach's Broomsticks
Brach's Non-Pariels
Brach's Watermelon Sparkles
Bubble Yum Strawberry and Banana Gum
Bubblicious Banana Chocolate Mint Orange Raspberry and Cherry Cola
Bub's Daddy Gum
Butternut Candy Bar
Candy Lipstick (gold paper and cellophane)
Cherry Hump
Chewels Gum
Chicken Dinner Candy Bar
Chicklets Spearmint Gum
Chocolite Candy Bar
Chum Gum
Coffee Dan Candy Bar
Cookies & Mint Candy Bar
Dare Devils Candy
Dark Clark Bars
Delicia Candy Bars
Denver Sandwich Bar
Dino-Sour Eggs
Dr. Pepper Gum
Dweebs Candy
Fan Tan Gum
Fizzy Faces Candy
Forever Yours (try Milky Way Midnite)
Fortune Bubble Gum
Garbage Pail Kids
Gatorade Gum
Gems Candy
Gold Rush Gum
High Noon Candy Bar
Hollywood Candy Bar
Hooton's Chocolate Bar
Horlick's Malted Milk Tablets
Ice Cream Gum
Jingles Candy
Jolly Rancher Fruit Gum
Jolly Rancher Peach
Juice Bar Gum
Koo Koo's Taffy Bar
Licorice Snaps
Lifesaver Choc-o-late Drops
Lifesavers Clove Tangerine and all sour flavors
Malteaser Candy Bar
Marathon (try Curly Wurly)
Mary Janes chocolate covered
Mentos Spearmint and Wintergreen
Milkshake Candy Bar
Name Droppers Candy
Nerds Hot & Cold
Nestle's Alpine White Bar
Nestle's Triple Decker Bar
Nice Mice Candy
Now & Later Bubblegum flavor
Old Nick Candy Bar
Oompahs Chocolate
Oompas Peanut Butter
Pal Bubble Gum
PayDay chocolate covered
PBMax Candy Bar
Peanut Butter No Jelly Bar
Pep Chew Candy Bar
Pepsin Gum
Powerhouse Candy Bar
Punch Candy
Punkys Candy
Rally Candy Bar
Reese's Chunky Peanut Butter Cups
Regal Crown Sours
Reggie Bar
Russell Stover Rosebud Mints
Scooby Snacks
Seven-Up (try Sky Bar)
Seven-Up Gum
Snickers Peanut Butter Bar
Sour Bites Candy
Sugar Mama
Sugar Mommas
Summit Candy Bar
Switzer's Licorice
Tiny Tots Candy
Tootsie Roll Berry (Cherry) Dots
Tootsie Rolls Fudge Flavor
Tottsie Pop Drops
Trident Strawberry Breeze Gum
Wacky Wafers
Waleeco Coconut Bar
Walnut Crush
Wax Mustache Harmonicas and Fingernails
Whiz Bar
Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Bar
York Wintergreen Patty